Our company has committed itself to high quality standards: both our products and corporate management represent the highest possible quality.

A strategic co-operation was established between Kanizsa Trend Kft. and ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Kft. at the beginning of 2011, with the goal of confirming our future customers of the excellent quality of the KT collection.

We have got the ÉMI-TÜV SÜD specialists to examine our models so that products of good quality could get to our national and international/export markets.

Since 2011 our company has installed an integrated system meeting the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental management standards. We have been working continuously on deserving the satisfaction of our customers in all respects.

Our models and recent developments have been randomly tested for product safety by KERMI Department of ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Kft., and all tests have resulted in success.

The products of Kanizsa Trend Kft. come up to the requirements of the newest trends, designs and technical standards in force (EN 12520), which include the following physical, mechanical and chemical tests:

  • Safety tests
  • Durability tests
  • Stability tests
  • Chemical tests

What makes the customers feel more secure

  • Product testing is continuous ensuring continuous quality
  • Our products meet the internationally recognised standards
  • Our products meet all product-related safety requirements (mechanical components, textiles, raw materials)
  • All products are manufactured under continuous production control


ADR is the abbreviation for the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR))that is a 1957 United Nations treaty that governs transnational transport of hazardous materials.

The Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor of Kanizsa Trend Kft. is:

Pál József