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Wilheim Gábor

Jürgen Steiner
Kanizsa Trend Kft. ügyvezető igazgató

Our company, Kanizsa Trend Ltd is Hungary’s leading furniture manufacturer. As the maker of furniture, known for their noble materials and exciting appearance, Kanizsa Trend has been known and renowned in over 30 countries.

Our company is a dynamically evolving member of the Steinhoff Group of companies operating in many parts of the World. We manufacture our furniture in Nagykanizsa, Western Hungary, a city of decades of furniture manufacturing tradition.

Reliable quality

Our company is dedicated to high quality levels; both our products and our company management represent the highest possible standards. Our products are security controlled, proven by our KERMI (Hungarian Trade Quality Control) Certificate gained in 2011. More »

Present day

In the course of our activities, the knowledge of Hungarian manpower is amalgamated with the precision and organisation of German machinery and the ideas of world famous designers to provide the presence of the furniture family using leather processed in Italy inland as well as on the foreign market.

The furniture factory employing over 500 people is managed by a staff of a mere dozen of dynamic, young or youngish managers. The same working hand operates all the steps of the final assembly of the furniture set, every worker giving all their knowledge, skills and personality. The final product bears their name and all their faults can be traced back afterwards. That is why we have so few protests. We produce over 40,000 complete sets of furniture annually, complying with the strictest quality standards.

Taking any sets into consideration, each of them complies with the threefold standard of Aesthetics, Comfort and Function. Our world famous designers take the principles of Feng Shui into consideration, thus furniture, made of wide, large surface leathers showing the minimum possible amount of stitching; with low dimensions give you the feeling of calm and security at home.

Company history

Kanizsa Furniture Factory, operating from 1949 for an exact forty years, had evolved into a considerable industrial centre even in European dimensions. Often you could find their products in Hungarian homes, let it be beautiful upholstered sets, cupboards or kitchen furniture.

From the 1970’s on, large scale developments had been made: work halls and warehouses were built, partners for co-operation have registered and a number of production machinery had been installed, allowing the factory to operate on a European level of quality. This had been justified by the ever growing significance of production for export.

On the turn of the 1990’s, parallel to the elimination of Kanizsa Furniture Factory, Kanizsa Trend Ltd has been founded instead, a joint venture company of the German Steinhoff Trend Design company.