The perfect choice for your Andante furniture are the decoration cushions designed by Kanizsa Trend. You can choose from smaller or larger cushions, in many forms. Take the best!

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Covering material

  • Leather
  • fabrics

ornamentation of covering material

  • covering material with blanket stitching
  • covering material with one-needle stitches
  • covering material with moccasin stitching

raw materials

  • polystyrol foam
  • materials used at the sewing section
  • covering material, fabrics, leather
  • packaging material
  • covering material, leathers
Width / Height / Depth in cm

The pictograms and measures here are for your information only!

Minor differences in the looks of certain types of elements may occur due to technical possibilities and variances in mechanisms.

Please, always ask our retailers for information about the assembly, properties and dimensions of the furniture before purchase!


NOTE: the actual colour of our furniture may differ from the colour displayed.