Cover materials

The wide variety of our models and the choice of over 100 colours, combined with a unique decorative stitching provide that your Kanizsatrend furniture will be tailor-made and unique.

To choose the cover material, looking at photos is not enough: you need to touch it and feel it. Go to one of our dealers and experience the quality of our cover materials in real life!

In the case of certain sitting pieces of furniture you can ask for decorative or contrast stitching. Though, due to the unique nature of the aforementioned you need to agree in person, so please ask for information about the options at our retail partners.

Natural leathers

Standard leathers

Our Standard furniture leathers are natural products made from animal crop. Every piece is unique as there are no two identical skins in nature. Thus, during selection slight differences in colour or brightness may occur. The quality of our leathers is guaranteed by our regular check-ups at the manufacturer and inspections by independent institutes.

LongLife leathers

The original LongLife leather is a stunning leather covering which affects our senses with its true naturality. Its touch and smell are a buzz. It feels good to tuck in softly, yet it is durable. Its maintenance is simple, its material is durable, almost indestructible. LongLife leathers retain their beauty for ever due to their one-of-a-kind Anti-Aging-System, which is a specially developed system that prevents aging. LongLife leathers come with a five-year warranty.

LongLife products and services are sold in Hungary by Kanizsa Trend Ltd exclusively.

Pictures of our leather cover materials

Leather cover materialsLeather cover materialsLeather cover materialsLeather cover materials


Standard fabrics

Our Standard fabrics are all made of quality raw materials (silk, synthetic, wool). From simple to patterned, from modern to rustic, every style is represented on our palette.

NovaLife fabrics

NovaLife is the first fabric which resembles leather due to its structure, its touch is soft, resembling valuable material, and furthermore, its surface is so resistive that stains have no chance against it. NovaLife fabrics come with a five-year warranty.
NovaLife products and services are sold in Hungary by Kanizsa Trend Ltd exclusively. Other fabrics offered by other manufacturers with similar visual properties are not identical to NovaLife furniture cover materials.

Pictures of our fabric cover materials

Fabric cover materialsFabric cover materialsFabric cover materialsFabric cover materials